Samsung PN43D490 43-Inch 720p 600Hz 3D Plasma HDTV (Black)

Samsung D490 series offers performance and reliable working performance and make you gain some experience that you get on public television that has been released early. One of the benefits you’ll get is an ultra-immersive 3D entertainment with a few simple provisions that will make you reluctant to move from the glass screen in a long time. Of course, the features that have been designed in this television against the background with sophistication and technology that is above average.

3D Picture Performance
As it has been widely known that 3D provides a real effect on what is shown on television as the images leap off the screen. Ability to be more optimal when you connect a Blu-ray Player 3D or other 3D devices and enjoy the immersive experience. Processing can even be applied to broadcast TV DVDs, games and legacy content to automatically convert 2D to 3D in real time. If you are not in the mood 3D, you’re back to watching one of the best quality HDTV on the market with push of a button. For 3D glasses, are not included in the package, so you can buy it separately. Get it to get your best view here.

Plasma Display
Compared with other types of displays, Plasma offers high contrast ratio, color pretty saturated, and allows for wide viewing angles, so it does not require you to be right in front of the television to get the image sharp and clear. A bold color contrast administration and the plasma is the key advantage of this.

The “Plus One” Design
The Samsung’s Plasma Plus One Design sets this TV apart, with a bigger picture and a narrower outer frame, for an extra inch of screen compared to similarly sized competitors’ models.

Ultra-Fast Response Time combined with 600Hz Subfield HD Motion
Without blur, optimizing speed in fast motion video content reaches .001 ms. so you can track fast-moving images without blur, plasma is more so ideal when you’re watching action-packed movies, sports, or when playing video games. In total, there will be no problem when I have to switch channels to pursue two or more events at the same time. While 600Hz Subfield HD Motion is a measurement for comparing Plasma pixel response and screen refresh rates to that of LCD/LED displays. This capability makes the fast-moving scenes are displayed on the screen is at a maximum of clarity and precision. So, as soon as any scene that aired did not reduce the clarity and detail on the events you are witnessing.

Nice Quality Sound
On the capabilities of voice, no doubt because of the sharpness of the sound with 10 watts through two speakers and SRS technology forward. TheaterSound SRS ‘, available on Samsung’s new HDTV, is all-in-one audio suite that directly addresses the three most common consumer complaints TV audio – volume level is consistent, understandable vocals, dimension-less sound. Can you imagine when plasma, 3D, good speed, and good quality sound are there in a package? It’s Samsung PN43D490.

Overall, this TV will satisfy your entertainment needs at home, including Internet access is widespread and a number of diverse applications that can be utilized to get the kind of entertainment that are always updated.